About Us

Our mission is to bring you fresh local produce - on time and at a sensible price.

We deliver fresh produce directly from growers at your Doorstep right here in Melbourne and Geelong.

  • 100% Australian produce
  • Hand-picked fresh produce
  • Premium quality - Full of nutrition

Oz Fruit Direct is passionate about delivering farm-fresh fruit and vegetables to consumers across Melbourne. Our focus is on selecting and delivering premium quality, local produce efficiently and on-time.

We have a smart picking, packing and delivering service that makes sure you received your products as soon as possible after ordering.

Our produce staff start work at around 2am on market days to collect and box up farm-fresh produce.

We’re mindful of the environment and work constantly to minimise single use packaging.

Team with a dream

Oz Fruit Direct was created to respond to a real need for reliable fresh produce delivery services.

We started out small – but now deliver to Melbourne homes, childcare centres, restaurants and more.

Partnering with reliable, sustainable and reputable producers, the word is spreading quickly: Oz Fruit Direct is the supplier of choice!

Our service

Details of the fresh produce delivery service we offer:

  • Produce sourced from local farmers (Melbourne)
  • Delivery methods: Licensed and checked drivers
  • We don’t hold stock: We purchase, pack and deliver all on the same day.

Fresh produce at home: Use our service and you won’t have to deal with:

  • travelling to and parking at the shops
  • poor level of choice
  • carrying produce to your car
  • transporting produce

Fresh produce at work, the office, centre or restaurant: “Oops, I forgot to go to the shop” moments can be a thing of the past if you order fresh produce from us!

Order & Delivery Process

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